This footage taken by visitors on a recent trip to Hinkley shows the traffic at a standstill – a regular occurance it seems. This is what we would be faced with in Suffolk too. Cars and lorries backed up for miles on country lanes. For Sizewell C, new roads & 7 new roundabouts would have to be built, cutting farms in half, turning a beautiful part of Suffolk into an industrial landscape choked with heavy traffic.

At Hinkley it took 2 hours to travel just 7 miles.

Click on the link to open the video in youtube: A road trip to Hinkley


22 JANUARY 2018


The true scale and impact of a nuclear new build project such as that planned for Sizewell has been graphically demonstrated in recent film footage taken by drone over-flying the Hinkley C development site in Somerset – see Somerset Live and also YouTube.

The scale of the development and the devastation it necessitates – which at £19.6 bn is set to be the most expensive man-made object on Earth when it is finished – is truly breath-taking.  Campaigners at Together Against Sizewell C (TASC) have sent this footage to Suffolk media with the request that the public, MPs and elected local officials be given access to it so that they can, for the first time since the Sizewell C announcement was made, get a realistic impression of the scale of disruption to the countryside and what this will mean for the environment of Sizewell and a huge area adjoining it.  The footage shows clearly that Sizewell C is not something just happening ‘at Sizewell’, and neither will the effects be avoided by the creation of a relief road or a by-pass. It shows, on the contrary, what a massive, life-changing, countryside-destroying intrusion into the lives of thousands of Suffolk residents Sizewell C will bring, creating a fundamental shift towards industrialisation of a rural area which supports a highly lucrative tourist industry.

Pete Wilkinson, Chairperson of TASC, said today, ‘The actual scale and impact of the proposed development at Sizewell has never been fully explained to the public and they have never been asked if they support it or oppose it.  It has always been disingenuously described by politicians as an inevitability which it is not: new nuclear is a choice not an imperative.  We can and should say ‘no’ and be given the opportunity to tell our politicians that we reject this monstrous plan. This footage gives us the evidence on which to base an informed view about the Sizewell development and shows the fate that awaits this area if EdF get their way.  This two minute film does what EdF and the government have been unwilling to do for five years – to show us just how Sizewell C will utterly devastate a huge area of Suffolk on a scale that we cannot even think about tolerating.

‘TASC calls on every Suffolk resident to join the fight against Sizewell C, to write to their MP, to their elected local officials and to every newspaper and journal to express their refusal to submit our treasured countryside to the tyranny of EdF’s bulldozers for the purpose of building what will be a huge mistake, a carbuncle of a white elephant on our eroding Suffolk coast. We have to fight this development to protect the culture and the very soul of East Suffolk.’

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