Flooding & Coastal Erosion

This leaflet is about the coastal erosion around Sizewell and the Environment Agency assesment of the flood risk to the area.

Spent Fuel

This leaflet outlines some of the issues about storing spent fuel at the Sizewell site and why it is not suitable for another 2 reactors.

Possible Effects of Ionising Radiation on Health

This leaflet gives a brief introduction to the problem with the notion of safe levels of radiation exposure.

Jobs & Economic Impact

This leaflet examines the claims that new nuclear power would create lots of jobs.

Meeting our Energy Needs

This leaflet gives examples of how our energy requirements can be met without the need for new nuclear.

Emergency Planning

This leaflet details the current emergency plan around Sizewell which is almost certainly unworkable, as it is around most nuclear plants.

Environmental Leaflet

This leaflet outlines some of the environmental reasons why the Sizewell site is not suitable for another power station.