Book signing for TASC.


On Saturday November 16th, 2019 TASC went to Flipside Festival at Henham Barns near Southwold.

Robert Macfarlane and artist/illustrator Stanley Donwood were there to read and discuss their new collaboration the book ‘Ness’.

‘Ness’ is an apocalyptic prose poem set at the secret military research site on Orford Ness, a few miles down the coast from Sizewell. Its central character is the Armourer, a symbolic figure of nuclear threat. The story concludes with the possibility of redemption and a restoration of balance through natural forces. It was a timely event as the story could just as easily be about the Armourer’s activities at Sizewell. Lovely Halesworth Bookshop gave TASC a copy of the book and both Robert and Stanley signed it. Extra words from them are much appreciated as we now have a great gift that we can auction or raffle in the future. Thank you all.

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