Having received all the documentation from EDF this morning 4th Jan,  TASC will be taking their time to consider and digest all aspects of the 3rd Consultation for the proposed two new nuclear reactors known as Sizewell C
It is well known that TASC are totally opposed to this project and the more we know about it, the greater our opposition. We are extremely concerned about the East Suffolk environment and the sustainability of the massive undertaking, and believe that Sizewell C will prove to be a monstrous folly. We will be studying all of the many facets of the proposals in the coming weeks and will be composing our response to EDF in due course.
To keep us on our toes, EDF have decided to run a consultation on Sizewell B alongside the consultation for C. From 4th January to 1st February 2019, EDF Energy is consulting on proposals to relocate some Sizewell B facilities. To participate in that consultation, please see www.rlfsizewellb.co.uk for more information.

EDF need to move some of the buildings at present on the Sizewell C site and are consulting on it for only 3 weeks.
All information is on the web site above. There will then be a Planning Application to the Local Authority. We will be objecting strongly to it as it means more building in the AONB and on a SSSI and felling historic Coronation Wood.

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