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Linda Pentz Gunter from Beyond Nuclear was a guest speaker at a joint event organised by TASC, Suffolk Coastal Friends of the Earth, TEAG’s and the Nuclear Free Local Authorities which was held in April at Saxmundham Market Hall. Linda has published an account of the event with some great pictures on the Beyond Nuclear International website. An extract is reproduced below, and for the full article please go to: Beyond Nuclear


Birds and other wildlife would be eliminated by EDF two-reactor project on English coast

By Linda Pentz Gunter

Two new nuclear reactors are threatened for the English east coast. The EDF project would destroy precious ecosystems and drive away already rare wildlife. Activists there are now raising funds for scientific expertise to help block any further progress on the reactors, and also, in a separate appeal, to continue the legal fight. 

Did you ever hear a bittern boom?

It sounds like a question Dr Suess might have asked. But that sound, and the bird that makes it, is one of the critically important losses about to befall coastal Suffolk in the UK if French nuclear firm, EDF, continues to press forward with its plans for a new reactor there. The project is called Sizewell C.

Or more accurately, ploughs ahead. Because what EDF is proposing, and so far, not nearly enough people are opposing, is to literally dig up some of the most precious, fragile and unique flora and fauna anywhere in the world. In exchange, it will plant the technically flawed and financially failing fiasco that is its European Pressurised Reactor, directly on the beach there. Two of them in fact. As it is already doing at the Somerset UK site — Hinkley C to disastrous effects on the surrounding countryside.

We touched on this threat earlier this year in another article. As I wrote there: “The first thing that is likely to happen is that EDF will raze Coronation Wood. It will do this, not because it needs to now. It is not even certain that Sizewell C will go ahead. It will do this for show. The show in question is to prove to the world that the French nuclear industry is alive and well.”


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