TASC Inaugural Meeting 20-7-2013

Leiston Community Centre

Part 1

Chairs Report (acting Chairperson Joan Girling) – Available on request from info@tasizewellc.org.uk .

There was an additional comment which was to thank Mike Taylor for his work and support.

Further to the Chairs report EDF have sent out a letter to local residents explaining their work programme  for further  information needed to inform their next round of Consultation.

Several people from the area had not received the information, Joan would chase this up.

Financial Report Treasurer Janet Fendley

It was proposed that CANE finances are split from TASC leaving £100-00 in the CANE account. The remainder going into a new account for TASC. TASC would then need to seek a Treasurer from the TASC Committee and a TASC bank account.

It was proposed by Joan Girling and Seconded by Bill Howard all were in agreement by a show of hands. None against.

It was reported that at present there is £678-00 in the CANE account and that Emma has a £200-00 gift from another group, giving a total of £878-00

CANE will keep £100-00 and the remainder will be paid into TASC account when it is set up by the new TASC committee.

Emma was thanked for achieving the £200-00 donation.


Adoption of the Constitution 

The Constitution had been previously been circulated. It was proposed by Bill Howard and Seconded by Pete Wilkinson that it be adopted. All in favour by a show of hands, except for the abstention of Ron Bailey. None against.

Neil asked why the constitution was so comprehensive, it was explained that we needed a set of rules to work to and to ensure we are legally covered.

Part Two  

The existing Steering Committee then resigned and the following people stood for the TASC Committee.

Pete Wilkinson, Joan Girling, Bill Howard, Mike Taylor, Rachel Fulcher, Marie Clarke, Tom Griffiths Jones, Emma Bateman, Michael Wharton, Felice Lampard, Regan Scott, Cathering Hoy.

Tim Podd ,Alison Podd, Audrey West, Bob Hoggar, and Janet Fendley were co-opted

Proposed by Ron Bailey that we elect all en block, seconded by Janet Fendley

All were in agreement by a show of hands. None against.

It was very pleasing to have more people wishing to stand than there were places, but it was the wish of the meeting NOT to turn people down or to hold an election.

The first Committee meeting will need give consideration to possible changes to the Constitution.

It was also decided to make all TASC meetings open to all who supported the aims of TASC.


Rachel Fulcher gave a vote of thanks to Joan Girling


This ended the formal meeting.


Peter Wilkinson then gave a lively and sometimes touching talk on his work with FoE and Greenpeace in its early days. He showed slides of his active work preventing radioactive waste being dumped into the Atlantic Ocean, of stopping whaling and seal culling and the despicable use of pelts of animals for the fur trade.

His Environmental Consultancy has taken him into meetings with Ministers and Government Agencies to name a few. Enabling him to continue to debate environmental issues and influence those in power.

His dedication and persistence shone through his talk. Pete was thanked for his work and all the help he had given to CANE and TASC over the past years.


Meeting ended at 11-55am

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